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Calming Calligraphy

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Find Your Zen, Using a Pen!

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Meet Angie

Angie is a Nurse by day & a Calligraphy Artist by night. Life can be quite stressful as a healthcare worker, especially now during the Covid pandemic.

So when Angie remembered the calming effects calligraphy brought to her life when she was an overactive kid, she began to practice again.

She soon rediscovered that Calligraphy was indeed a beneficial stress-relieving activity. Now it's her mission to teach other stressed-out women to experience calm and focus through the art of Calligraphy.

What People are Saying

When I was studying theory in my nurse practitioner graduate program, the theory that resonated most with me was that of self-care and healing. No one can truly and wholly care for or show up for another unless they themselves have refueled their souls. As a fellow nurse, Angie, you exemplify this concept. I just started working in outpatient psychiatry, and the importance for self-care is especially important. Calligraphy can immediately take a person out of a stressed, worried or confused state: it immediately overrides the amygdala and limbic system and induces calm. It’s science.

- Stephy Jackson

As a beginner to the calligraphy world, I love how Angie's tutorials are geared to all levels. Her calm and consistent teaching style helps ease even a novice like myself into the world of "calming" calligraphy.

- Dawn Mladen

I had one initial calligraphy lesson with Angie. Her teaching style was simple and easy to follow. I find it relaxing to practice my calligraphy and have noticed an improvement.

- Loraine Coakley

I love Angie’s teaching style because she models kindness, love, and healing in her words and technique. I am new at calligraphy, and my confidence soared with taking her class. She is attentive, and she makes it fun and easy.

- Cindy Rodriguez

You know - I never realized how mindful calligraphy is until I started practicing with Angie. You can not do calligraphy without focusing, so it's extremely mindful and calming!

The proof is in the practice!! Who knew?

- Lynn Glover

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